Sunshiny Day

This is probably one of the best summer vacations that I ever had. For the very first time, my parents allowed me to go on a trip with my friends and I got to experience Labor Day Boracay! It was a taste of freedom for me, indeed. :)

Here’s a quick story during our first day; when we finally arrived at Boracay, I’ve been bugging my friends non-stop that I wanted a summer hat. So when I saw this mini-store that sold colorful and fashionable hats, I instantly bought one of them in a heartbeat. It also complemented my outfit for that day. Haha! We didn’t do any activities that day since we were all tired from our flight because of our lack of decent sleep. We just decided to stay in our room and head out around 4pm to wait for the sunset, which is one of the things that I look forward to whenever I go to the beach. There is just something about sunsets that gives me a sense of peace and bliss.


Left my DSLR in our room. So I just used my Iphone5S instead. :)

summer-roch2 summer-roch sunset sunset2

Isn’t it just amazing? Sunset love. :)

Soak Swimwear bikini, Roxy flip-flops, Old hi-low maxi skirt from bazaar, Summer hat from Boracay, Sunnies by Charlie

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