Make-up by Bobbi Brown

I AM BAAACK!!! I haven’t been blogging because I’ve been a sick kid a few weeks ago. :( I never knew that I would miss it this much! :)

A girl’s favorite — Flowers and Pink! It can always give you this flattering and feminine look. :) You guys are probably wondering why I am in full make-up. It might surprise some, but I don’t really know how to do my make up.Whenever I go out, I only apply powder-foundation, eyeliner, lip balm and I’m good already. :)) A few days ago, I attended a Bobbi Brown event at Shangri-La. In that event, I learned how to take care of my skin and how to do my make-up. :) One of the most useful tips that I learned is to always apply toner and moisturizer before applying make-up. The application of toner and moisturizer doesn’t only soften our skin, it also protects and repairs it. You can do this twice a day. Thank you Sir Marlon for doing my make up and Ms. Lovely for inviting me. I really had a great time! :D

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Paired it with my white jacket, just in case I get cold. It is actually my mom’s but because it fits me perfectly and I liked it, she had no choice but to give it to me. :)) Thanks Mom!


Stradivarius flower top, Guess Skirt, Promod white jacket, Michael Kors watch, Charles and Keith bag, Jessica Simpson Heels

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