Lighthouse Marina Resort

We had our company team building at one of the best hotels in Subic, The Lighthouse Marina Resort. Upon our arrival, we were immediately greeted and welcomed by their friendly staff. Then, while waiting for our rooms to be ready, everyone was served with complimentary iced tea. I didn’t mind waiting since the their lobby gives their guests a homey feeling, besides there’s so much to talk about with friends. When we got into our room, I was in so much awe because our room had a balcony which offered a great view of the beach. Another thing that I love about The Lighthouse is the experience that I had during my stay. I had such a great experience because their staff were very accommodating during our entire stay. Of course, the best part of our stay in The Lighthouse is their food. OHH MYYY, THEIR FOOD IS DELICIOUS!!! (didn’t get to take pictures though since I’m always busy eating! lol) Will definitely go back to this place!

lighthouse9 lighthouse12 lighthouse2 lighthouse3 lighthouse13

The balcony I was talking about.


Kids playroom. Cute right? :) They even have Xbox360 and Wii!


See how much fun I’m having? :D

lighthouse5 lighthouse4 lighthouse6 lighthouse10

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