Take Your Beauty To The Next Level!

Blogging made an impact in my life. It let me know myself better. It also gave me new ideas, in which I can share with my viewers. It has been a year since I started blogging, and I love it! I never expect that it would open a bunch of opportunities for me. I became fond of doing blogs, because I wanted to share and inspire others on how they can feel and look good about themselves. Blogging may seem so easy but it is not. It takes a lot of hard work, time, and perseverance. Viewers have different tastes and preferences, and making your best shot is a great tool in doing blogs. The secret recipe to that is to have PASSION in what you do. It is also like something that you really enjoy and have fun doing on a routine basis. So, how do I make it look so easy and fun? Let me tell you 3 good tips on how to take your beauty to the next level, yet still have that fresh look.

On Fashion: Never Dress To Impress
I’ve always reminded myself to always dress up according to your own style. It is something that creates your identity and your character.
It has been awhile since I became fond of shoes. I just thought that I’m really into it, with all the different styles and colors. Shoes complete your whole outfit, regardless of style and price. So here are my tips for you!

1. Comfort together with Style
-Always buy shoes that suit you and make you feel comfortable. Choose the shoes that are comfortable yet brings style with your wardrobe.

2. Pair the right shoes
Keep your shoes toned down with flashy outfits, but wear a pair of shoes that will pop out with casual clothing to balance the style.

3. Smooth out your body concerns
-If you want to have longer and thinner looking legs, wearing nude or skin-toned heels will surely do the trick. For it’ll be hard to tell where your legs and foot ends.

Always have the confidence in expressing your own personality and style, yet maintain the fashion vibe all throughout!

DSCF8893On Make-Up: Be Simple Yet Chic
-Make-up is like magic; it can create and change your whole look. But when it comes to doing my own make-up, I’ve always kept mine natural and simple as much as possible. Unless there is an important event, of course. For me, beauty is seen in the simplest form. All you need is just to draw your brows (brows is everything nowadays!). Add a natural eye shadow and blush on, put your favorite lipstick on, and you are good to go. Just like what Heart Evangelista said “less is definitely more.” DSCF8899
On Hair: Go for the Tried and Tested
It is no secret that all girls’ crowning glory is their hair. We all have our own signature haircuts, style, color, and that is what differentiates us among others. It also has its way of making or breaking our day. When we have bad hair day, we feel irritated right? No one likes a bad hair day. So let me tell you a few tips and tricks on how I take care of my hair:

1. Use A Wide Tooth Comb
-After washing your hair, use a wide tooth comb instead of a brush. This will remove tangles with less damage.

2. Use A Hair Protectant Spray
-Seriously, this will do wonders on your hair. If you haven’t tried it yet, it keeps your hair shiny and protected from the heat while styling it.

3. Give Heat A Rest
-If there is no special occasion or event, I just normally use a fan to dry my hair. If not, I’ll pick one that I wanted to use for the day; it could be a hair dryer or a flat iron. For me to avoid having a damaged and dry hair, do not forget to reduce the temperature of your styling equipment’s.

4. Eat Healthy
-Maintaining a good and balanced diet affect your whole system. All the nutrients coming from the food and drinks that we take flow through our body. Our hair needs a lot of nutrients from good foods. Eating foods with a good amount of protein can make our scalp healthier.

5. Invest in a Good Conditioner
-It took me awhile to find the right conditioner that goes along well with my shampoo, and sensitive skin. Since the conditioners that I’ve tried before gave me breakouts, I needed to find the conditioner that matches my hair needs.

Good thing I tried Cream Silk! It doesn’t only goes well with my shampoo, but the most important thing is, I didn’t get any breakouts from it. It gave the right moisture and nourishment that my hair needs. It also keeps my hair smooth and tangle-free all day long. Even if my hair had a long stressful day, and has undergone so many changes, Cream Silk always brings my hair in a healthier state. No other conditioner can do that!

Our hair is what makes us beautiful and presentable in the eyes of others. It completes our over-all look for the day, and gives us the confidence that we need. So when it comes to maintaining and conditioning my hair. I only trust one brand, Cream Silk!


Always remember Be Beautiful, Be You, Choose Cream Silk with hair reborn technology! And take your beauty to the next level.

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