How Do I Maintain My Body?

DSCF9363DSCF9365I am always being asked on how I maintain my body. Quite frankly, I don’t really exercise regularly or even hit the gym. I just exercise whenever I feel like it. I guess I am just one of the lucky individuals who has a quick metabolism. I actually do eat a lot for a girl. There are times wherein I’ll order chicken with spaghetti, and cheeseburger or burger steak with rice and spaghetti. It’s quite funny at times. The only thing I noticed though is that whenever I eat too much my cheeks are getting fat. I don’t even know why it’s like that. I would rather have a fat tummy, than to have chubby cheeks. Lol! One of the reasons why I also don’t do focus shots, because my face is quite cheeky. :( Haha!

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Eric S. Powers

Your outfit in 3 words: Carefree, sexy, and beautiful! On a side note, stress and worry is anti productive if you want a slender face. Trust me, I know. I lost almost 70lbs in a span of 7 years!


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