Gotemba Premium Outlet Store

Gotemba Premium Outlet is the largest outlet store in Japan. It has over 200 stores, restaurants, food court and a 50-meter tall ferris wheel. The place is quite huge! Three hours is not enough if you are really planning to shop. You’ll get tired of walking too. Good thing is that they have a lot of benches you could rest onto for awhile. If you get hungry, there are nearby restaurants or small cafes within your reach. There is a direct bus line going to the Gotemba Premium Outlet. I definitely recommend using the bus, since it is hassle free, and you can buy a roundtrip ticket for it. Though it will take you about two and a half hours to get there.

I also saw Godiva Chocolatier wherein they only not sell chocolates, but also frapuccinos and iced cream. If you ever get to see one, you should give their menu a try, because its heavenly good!!!!


For more info about Gotemba Premium Outlet just click the link. :)

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