Your Secret Home: The Lily, Batangas

Every year, there are two occasions that I look forward to: one is our annual Labor Day Summer Barkada Trip, and another, is my Birthday Celebration. ☺ As to my birthdays, before, I used to do just treat them dinner and then invite them to hang out afterwards. But last year, I decided to up the game a bit and have an overnight trip to Batangas. Knowing my friends, I was certain that they’d be up for it and be there for me on my special day. (That is why I love em’ so much!) And the result was nothing short of epic. Indeed, we had so much fun last year that I knew I just had to do it again.

So this year, I made sure that we’d have tons of fun, and get to bond more over the weekend. I only had 3 weeks to prepare and organize everything since I had to celebrate my birthday a month earlier. (Due to work reasons, and different time schedules) Searching for the right place is exhausting itself!

What I wanted was to rent a house with a pool near the beach. I searched for a week, and emailed random house owners. (Who doesn’t even reply, btw) I was already losing hope of finding the perfect place when I stumbled upon The Lily’s website. Once I saw the photos, I knew that this is the perfect place!

I immediately contacted, Ian, the owner of the house, and to my surprise he immediately responded to my email! He was also kind enough to entertain all my concerns even though I was a bit “makulit” haha!
The Lily is named after Ian’s beautiful mother, Lilia. The house is a reflection of his mother’s calming and captivating personality. I was in awe with the place when we arrived. Ms. Grace, the caretaker of The Lily is quite nice and accommodating. She quickly gave us a house tour and made us feel at home.
The house is just perfect (just like in the photos), calming and full of beauty. Every corner of it is just picture perfection, and well thought of!
DSCF1873The house can accommodate up to 25 persons. It has 4 rooms for rent; one bunker room which can accommodate 8 people, 2 ground floor rooms which can accommodate 2-4 persons each, and one terrace room which can also accommodate 2-4 persons. But as for me, I just rented 3 rooms, which can accommodate 18 persons.
DSCF1878The house doesn’t have any television, wifi, or even LTE signal! Haha For the owners of The Lily wants it to be a place where family and friends can bond.
DSCF1893You are allowed to bring and cook your own food, but if not, you can also avail Ms. Grace home cooking services. During our first night, we asked her if she can cook us some Adobo chicken and pork, since we forgot to bring food. Haha! As early as 6PM she is already done cooking our dinner, and boy, it was delicious! :)
DSCF1895The living room is quite spacious; and sofas are really comfortable!
DSCF1910Took the upper room, since I love rooms with verandas! Plus, I want to have my own space. Hehe.
In the afternoon, we’ll hang out at gazebo. Grill some seafood, play volleyball or take a quick dip by the pool.
DSCF2107The beach is just nearby, probably 1-2 minutes walk. You can also rent a balsa for P1,500-P2,500, if I’m not mistaken.
DSCF2207All in all, we enjoyed our stay at The Lily even though there is no signal. We really had more time to bond and catch up with our daily lives. :)

Thank you Ian, and The Lily!

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