Launch Of Yosi Samra 2.0

If you have been following my blog from the start, then you’d know how picky I am whenever it comes to shoes. I’ve always loved heels over flats, but as I’m getting older–I’d often find myself investing more to flats or sneakers.

I first heard about Yosi Samra from my mom two years ago. She got me a pair– hoping that I’d stop wearing heels and eventually love flats too. Lo and behold, she succeeded! Yosi Samra is now one of the comfiest flats that I own. I love how convenient it is, since I can just easily fold and slip it in my bag. It’s the perfect shoes to bring whenever you go to work or travel abroad.

Last February 9,Yosi Samra launched their latest Core Collection which now has memory foam!!! Giving us more comfort and ease while walking. The price ranges from: For kids – 2,595 to 2,895 php & For women – 3,595 to 4,595 php


with Rhea Camille Chong

w/ my co-bloggers Maxine Marcelino, Sophie Ramos, and Rhea Chong
DSCF7591For more details, check out Yosi Samra’s Facebook page.

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