My Experience and First Hair Removal with S’velti!

I’ve first seen and heard about S’velti, through my blogger friend JP De Leon and Joseph Tabor. For months, I’ve been seeing their Instagram stories about how good their services are, and this made me really curious. So I started searching and reading blogs about their experience with S’velti and the services they offered–and they have nothing but high praise for this clinic. Aside from promoting proper skin care regimen, Svelt’i is also committed to aiding people achieve a physically fit body with the help of technology.

Few weeks after, I decided to set an appointment with them. So that I can personally tell you on how was my experience. Upon arriving, I was warmly greeted by the staff, and the clinic made me feel so calm and relaxed. You’ll immediately know that your experience will be very pleasant.

The service I availed that day is the–Vanish Laser Hair Removal to help me prepare for the E! Bloggers Ball. The procedure didn’t take that long–it was actually quick, easy and painless!
Since the centre’s launch two years ago, Svelt’i has been taking care of its clients’ needs for body slimming. What’s more fulfilling for the people behind Svelt’i is that each client comes out of the centre feeling better and fresher.
Biting into the “health” and “wellness” craze makes one true to the epigram that says, “love yourself enough, to live a healthy lifestyle.” Taking good care of our body through proper skin care, eating a balanced diet, and sufficient exercise is the key to self-love and self-care we all deserve. And in our never ending journey to finding self-love and self-care, we can count on Svelt’i in achieving overall beauty, inside and out.
To prep me for the laser hair removal. They first washed my armpits (just incase I put deodorant), shaved my armpits, and applied the water based gel–this is by far my favorite part since it’s cold and I like the feeling of it. Haha! A pair of goggles to protect my eyes, and then we proceed to the treatment.
I would definitely come back and recommend S’velti to my family, friends and readers. As you can see, I enjoyed my first visit with them and couldn’t wait to go back next week! I’ll be updating you through my Instagram stories. So stay tuned! :)


For more information, check S’velti’s website and Instagram account.

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