Hair Transformation with L’Oreal Professional

It’s been 3 weeks already since I had my hair colored by Sir Joseph Abelle of L’Oreal Professional.

It took me this long to write and blog about it, to see if my hair would still be smooth and healthy, or dry over the weeks. Why is that? 4 years ago, I had my hair colored in Ombre. Over the weeks and months, it has gotten stiff and dry to the extent that I had to cut my hair short. Since then, I became scared and picky of trusting my crowning glory to anyone. But knowing, the reputation of L’Oreal Professional and how they value good hair care–I immediately said YES!

What a small world though, cause’ the Stylist that L’Oreal Professional assigned to me was Sir Joseph. I know him as one of the stylist in Fabio Salsa at Rockwell, from there on–I knew my hair is going to be in good hands! I showed him pegs of the color I want, but he suggested that I should go for Balayage to compliment my skin tone. Hair stylists knows it best when it comes to hair matters. So I just let him do his MAGIC!

I also got to try L’Oreal’s new product– the POWER MIX! I am in love with this product for it’ll only take you 10 minutes to have smooth and shiny hair. It surely did wonders- -it’s been weeks now and I still have smooth, shiny and healthy looking hair.
So here is the before and after. As you can see, it is a bit more darker in the roots area and slowly transitioning into a lighter tone as it goes down.
I’ve been actually getting a lot of messages and compliments about hair lately like “Where did I get my hair done?”, “What color is it?”, “I love the color, super bagay”, etc.

All thanks to L’Oreal Professional and Sir Joseph Abelle for doing magic and wonders to my hair. I’ve been loving it ever since. :)

Posting more photos for you to see my hair over the weeks. Just keep scrolling. :)
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