To start off my Bali posts, let me share with you the beautiful villa we stayed in Seminyak, Bali and where we booked our airport transfer.

I booked our airport transfer via Klook, since it is the cheapest one I could find with good reviews. Rates will depend on your location and no. of people. As for us, 3pax going to Seminyak costs $10.41 (PHP541), or $3.47 (PHP180) per person! Not bad right? If you are more than 5 pax, you can opt to choose a bigger car but with a different rate.

I decided to book a villa via Airbnb since Bali is known for their beautiful houses and villas. I chose Villa Oberoi, hosted by Mr. G coz’ let’s all be honest here–his villa is quite instaggrammable!


-Out of all the hosts I’ve contacted, Mr. G was the most accommodating and responsive with all my inquiries (even though I was “makulit” Haha!). You see, a kind and helpful host are always the best! For they will make you feel at home and secure.


  • -Our villa manager–Gunawan, the one who welcomed us during our first night. He offered us some refreshing drinks, a tour, and briefed us on the house guidelines. Gunawan also left us a food menu and mobile phone wherein we could contact him or anyone we like during our stay in Bali. 
  • -Just like a hotel, there is a housekeeper–Wayan. Normally, her working hours is from 6AM-4PM, but you can tell her whether to come early, late, or not at all. She will clean the house, change the towels, and even cook for you.


-The villa is located in the heart of Seminyak, Bali where all the fun part is! Plus, the distance and location of the villa is just 20-35 minutes away from Ngura Rai International Airport. It is also near Coco Supermarket, La Favela, Seminyak Village, Bossman, Motel Mexicola, etc.


-Surprisingly, the wifi at our villa works better than my house wifi in the Philippines!!! Haha.

5.  FOOD

-From the house menu, you may opt to choose from Indonesian, American or Continental cuisine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Just inform Wayan a day before if you want her to cook anything from the menu. Set menu starts from $8 (100,000 IDR or PHP377) which includes mains, coffee/tea/juice, and fresh fruits. They also stacked our refrigerator with BINTANG (Indonesia’s local beer) which cost $1.20 (17,000 IDR or PHP63) per bottle, it is a bit cheaper, compared to the regular supermarket price of $1.45 (20,000 IDR or PHP75).

So that’s it!  If you’d like to book the Villa Oberoi, I will leave the link below! As for now, hope you’ll enjoy the photos of our villa.  :)

Wearing Taffy Swimwear and Coloradesph Sunnies

Just a tip, if you’re going to take a cab, always ask first if you could use the meter, coz’ if NOT they will ask for a higher price! This happened to us during our second day, for the short distance we traveled, we were asked to pay 50,000 IDR. Later did we know that it should’ve cost only 9,000 IDR. The regular taxi flag-down rate is 7,000 IDR with the incremental value of 650 IDR.

Wearing Our Swimsuit Manila Swimwear.

That’s why I would definitely recommend this place, not only because of its beautiful interiors and exteriors but because of their staffs. :)

Here’s the link to Villa Oberoi via Airbnb. Rate per night is P7,184.

Thank you for taking time to read my blog! Hope you’ll find this helpful in your future trip! :)

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